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Viewings! We have viewings!!

If you haven’t heard, apocalpytic movie/TV viewings have started on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2-5PM! Check our Slack channel for details about where/what/when. Let me know if you have questions!

Week Twelve Goals

It’s time to work with the novel that you chose to read for class. This week, you’ll be putting all your media skills to work as you explore the plot, characters, and setting of your book. It’s fandom week in ds106.

Fandom Forward

This week, you’ll be doing 12 stars of media assignments that are in someway related to the novel you read for the class. You can pick your mix of assignments from the list below, but you MUST do at leat one 5-star assignment.

  • That Bucket List Though (2 STARS): Create a bucket list for at least one character from your novel.
  • Storied Press Release (2 STARS): Use the press release genre and write one that explains an event or occurance from your novel. Read a few press releases so that you understand more about how they are written.
  • Write an Alternative Ending (4 STARS): Write an alternative ending to your novel.
  • The Onion’d Article (2 STARS): Write an Onion-like article about something from your novel.
  • Focus on the Background (3 STARS): Write a backstory for a character that is in the background of your novel.
  • Summarize a Movie with Animated GIFs (5 STARS): If your book was adapated into a movie, create a series of GIFs that summarize the story. >
  • Bucket List (2 STARS): Complete this assignment for a character from your novel. Use photos that YOU’VE taken.
  • Historical Selfies (3 STARS): Taking on the role of at least on character from your novel, pose in a series of at least 3 selfies that character would take. Be creative with costume, makeup, setting, etc.
  • What’s the Meme? (2 STARS): Create a meme that ties into your novel in some way.
  • Fantasy TED Talk (3 STARS): Create a fantasy TED talk tableu for a character from your novel.
  • Playlist Poetry (3 STARS): Create a playlist poem that tells some aspect of the story of your novel. (You can create the play list in iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc. Screen capture it as an image and share it in your blog post)
  • Imaginary Places (3 STARS): Complete this assignment for a setting or place from your novel.
  • Post-It Notes and Grocery Lists (2 STARS): Complete this assignment for a character in your novel.
  • Character Word Cloud (2 STARS): Complete this word cloud for a chracter in your novel.
  • Newspaper Design (4 STARS): Create a newspaper front page that references the characters, plot, setting, etc of your novel.
  • All Those Books (4 STARS): Collage together the ideal workspace for a character from your novel.
  • Event Advertisement (3 STARS): Create a post/ad for an event that takes place in your novel.
  • We’ve Got You Covered (4 STARS): Create a fictional magazine cover that references characters/setting/plot from your novel.
  • Animated GIF Alternative Cover (5 STARS): Revisit the apocalpytic novel cover from earlier this semester, but make it an animated GIF this time.
  • Destination Post Card (3 STARS): Create a destination postcard for a setting from your novel.
  • Movie Infographic (4 STARS): Create an infographic that visually explores the novel you read in some way.
  • Let’s See Some ID (3 STARS): Design some kind of ID card for a character in your novel.
  • One Story, Four Icons (3 STARS): Create a four-icon distillation of your novel.
  • Motivational Poster (2 STARS): Create a motivational poster for a character from your novel.
  • Minimalist Travel Poster (3 STARS): Create a minimalist poster for a setting in your novel.
  • Design an Invoice (3 STARS): Create a fake invoice for some kind of transaction that occurs within the story of your novel.
  • Alternative Book Cover (3 STARS): Create a book cover for your novel, but this time play with the design/imagery/supporting text so that it suggests a very different story than the real one.
  • Sound Effects Story (4 STARS): Using only sound effects, create an audio story of a specific scene from your novel.
  • Your Theme Song (4 STARS): Create an theme song for your novel.
  • Remix a Song with Speech (4 STARS): Take a song that relates in some way to your novel and then remix it with a recording of you reading an important passage from the text.
  • Create a Place (4 STARS): Create an audio soundscape of a setting from you novel. Use lots of different sounds and layering to give the location depth and interest.
  • Have a (Phone) Conversation with Yourself (5 STARS): Record yourself as two characters in your novel having a conversation. Find some way to change your voice so that it’s convincing. The conversation can be one that’s in the book or one you write. Add sound effects, music, etc to augment the recording.
  • Call Me/Beep Me (4 STARS): Complete this for a character from your novel.
  • Make a Radio Commercial (3 STARS): Record a radio commerical for a thing, place, event from your novel.
  • Character Bird Calls (3 STARS): Create a “bird call” for a character from your novel.
  • Frequency 2156, Can You Hear Me? (3 STARS): Create a Frequency 2156 recording and share it on their Web site but make it about something from your novel.
  • Good Morning Message for The Village (2 STARS): What would a good morning message be for your novel? Record and share one.
  • Re-enact a 911 Dispatch Call (2 STARS): Record a fake 911 call for an emergency from your novel.
  • Context (3 STARS): If there is a movie of your novel, take an audio clip from it and remix it to change the meaning entirely.
  • Create a Book Trailer (4 STARS): Create one for your novel. Don’t just rely on clips from the movie version of your novel if one exists!
  • Vintage Educational Video (5 STARS): Make a vintage video that educates viewers about something that happens in your novel.
  • Alt-Ending (5 STARS): Record an alternative ending to your novel.
  • Mini-Documentary  (5 STARS): Create a mini documentary about a character from your novel. If a movie version of your novel exists, you can use footage of the character from that for your documentary!
  • Swede a Scene (5 STARS): If there’s a movie adaptation of your novel, swede a scene from it.
  • 60 Second Day – A Video Narrative (4 STARS): Complete this assignment but do it for a character in your novel instead of you.
  • Public Service Announcement (4 STARS): Make a PSA about an important issue from your novel.
  • Puppet Trolls (4 STARS): If your novel has a movie adaptation, create a pupet troll video of a scene from it.
  • News on the March (4 STARS): Create a vintage newsreel video about some plot point from your novel.
  • Why So Serious? (3 STARS): Take a scene from a movie adaptation of your novel and replace the audio to completely change the meaning of the scene.
  • Product Review (3 STARS): Create a product review of an important object/think from your novel.
  • Narrative Ambiance (3 STARS): Use a passage from your novel for this assignment.
  • Create an Intro to a Movie (2 STARS): Create a brief intro to a movie version of your novel.
  • Watching Movies with the Stereo On (2 STARS): Take a scene from a movie version of your novel and redub it with some music. Play with how the music reenforces or alters the meaning of the scene.
  • Create Finsta Instagram (4 STARS): Create a fake Insta for a character from you novel. Share at least 6 photos.
  • Create Your Own Adventure (5 STARS): Create an original short game based on your novel.
  • Harness Relationships (5 STARS): Create a web map of the characters, settings, events from your novel.
  • Socialize Your Media (5 STARS): Create an array of social media accounts for a character from your novel. Use each one to tell some part of that character’s story.
  • You’re a Pintersting Character (3 STARS): Create a Pinterest board for a character from your novel.
  • Pop Quiz (3 STARS): Create a quiz that suggests the larger narrative of your novel.
  • Phake Tweets (2 STARS): Create some fake tweets for a character from your novel.
  • Social Network Story (5 STARS): Create a creative social network story about your novel and document it.

Want to do an assignment not on this list?

Just Slack me privately which assignment you’re planning to do, and I’ll get back to you.

Not Inspired by these Assignments?

You can always submit an idea for an assignment and do it!

Want to work in a Group?

You can complete this week’s work in a group, but you’ll have to combine your stars.

Assignment: Complete 12 Stars

Make sure you write up each assignment in it’s own blog post and tell us the story about how you completed the work!

Gathering Evidence

Next week, we’ll be starting the final unit in this project, and we need to prepare. Everyone in the class can help by finding and sharing at least one piece of evidence that helps us to understand what’s going on with the E.N.D. virus, the various theories floating about, and the mysterious character’s we’ve encountered.

Review the evidence found so far. Re-watch the videos for information and clues. Listen to the radio shows. And, of course, go back and look at the work your classmates have done.

Blog about one piece of evidence you’ve found: it can be a photo(s), a video, an audio recording. It can be just about anything.

Tell us where you found it and make sure you share your blog post on Twitter using #theend106 #evidence.

Assignment: Share Your Evidence

Write a blog post in which you share your found evidence. Tell us the story behind your finding of it. Share the post on Twitter using #theend106 #evidence.

Question of the Week

Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

Weekly Summary

Assignment: Weekly Post

Make sure you’ve completed all the assignments above. Write up your weekly post by Monday at midnight. Remember to refer to The Guide for Writing Blog Posts for tips on how to write our weekly posts! 

Weekly Checklist

This week’s checklist:

  • Complete 12 stars of media assignments that are related to your novel
  • Share one piece of found evidence with the class on your blog and Twitter
  • Write up your Weekly post.