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Weeks Thirteen & Fourteen

We all knew that this would come eventually. We are facing The End of The End. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be using all the media and storytelling skills you’ve been building this semester to help tell the story of The End.

Final Project

Over the next two weeks your job is to comb through all of the evidence, videos, and assignments that have been found, shared, and created this semester. You can also, of course, explore and use the characters that have been created. Be creative in finding material — perhaps a media assignment a classmate did about their book could be useful? Perhaps you missed something in one of the radio shows? Perhaps you’ll unearth (or create!) your own new evidence. And, be on the lookout for late-breaking evidence over the next few days. You never know what might pop up!

Then, you’re going to be pulling together, augmenting, and contextualizing what you find to tell a cohesive story that helps explain the mysteries of The End in one large, transmedia extravaganza.

Your final story should be told through multiple, interconnected media: What do I mean by interconnected media? We have used several different types of media over the semester – writing, photography, design, audio and video. Your project should use at least three of these media. For example, part of your story might be a video, another part might be a series of photos or designed pieces, and a third could be an audio production. You could connect the three in a blog post/essay. Or you might create a series of media that you then place on a Google map as a way to tie them together.   You began to play with this kind of interconnected media assignment last week for your fan media; for your final project, these connections should be even clearer and stronger. When looked at together, all your media should add up to one narrative whole.

But what about the stars?

You will notice that I haven’t mentioned stars above. For this week, we’re moving beyond star totals. You’re welcome to use the Assignment Bank as inspiration for the work you do, but that is not required. In terms of “how much” work you should do? You should do the amount of work that is necessary to tell us a really good story.

You are encouraged to work together on your projects

Group work is strongly encouraged but not required. Due to the nature of the assignment, you might not necessarily have to meet up in person to collaborate. If you work together you can bounce ideas off of each other, share the work, and complete pieces independently. You can look out for each other and raise each other’s game.

Assignment: Final Project

Complete your final project as described above by Sunday, April 29th at midnight. You should blog your progress throughout, letting us know how things are going. If you want feedback from me about your overall approach before you start producing media, feel free to send me a private message on Slack or Twitter.

Daily Creates

We’ll also be completing at least 7 daily creates over the course of the final two weeks of classes. The prompts are almost entirely from your classmates during that time, so this is a chance to enjoy each other’s ideas. 

Todays TDC

#tdc2657 #ds106 Go Fish

Make a fish. Draw a fish. Catch a fish. Go fish!

Final Summary

Assignment: Weekly Post

Share one final summary post by Sunday, April 29th. Use it to tell us whatever you want about the work of the class, your final project, and The End. 

Weekly Checklist

Next two weeks’ checklist:

  • Complete 7 Daily Creates
  • Create your transmedia final project; blog your progress throughout as well as your final work. 
  • Write your Final Summary post.