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Important Note!

The work outlined in this post covers weeks 7 & 8 which include Spring Break in the middle. So the deadline for work is actually the Monday a week AFTER we get back from break: March 19th.

Weeks Seven & Eight Goals

The next three weeks will be a bit of a change from what you’ve been doing so far in the class. We’ll be returning to audio, but you’ll mostly be mostly working on one large assignment, in your groups. Each group is going to be producing a radio show (all the details are below) and we will be broadcasting those shows on ds106 radio the week of March 19th. There are a few other smaller assignments you need to complete during this time, but your main focus will be on planning, producing, and editing your show.

In addition to introducing the work in this video, I also talk about the search for The Hat and some strange evidence that’s been cropping up around the HCC.

Daily Creates & Books

Assignment: Daily Creates

Complete four TDCs over the course of the three weeks between now and March 19th. Make sure you do the ones for Tuesday, February 27 and Tuesday, March 13.

Todays TDC

#tdc2259 Stack it up as high as you can

Find something that has a lot of parts. Legos come to mind. See how tall you can build your whatever-materials-you-have-found before it collapses. Take a photo of your tower or, better yet, make a stop-motion video of the building of your tower. Bonus points for using fruits and veggies. Triple bonus points if you stack cats.

Assignment: Books

Don’t forget to finish your novel choice by March 19th! We’ll be doing an assignment with your novels after the radio show, so it’s important you’ve finished them.

Radio Shows

The radio show will be created within the groups you formed last week. These are the specifications:

  • All group members should contribute to the final radio show. I recommend setting up a Slack channel for your group. If you invite me to join it, I can offer advice and feedback.
  • The total show should  be a total of at least 5 minutes per group member (A 3 member group must produce at least 15 minutes; a six member group must produce at least 30 minutes.) That doesn’t mean, however, that each group member must be “on the air” for 5 minutes or each member must plan,produce, and edit indvidual 5 minute blocks. You should divy up responsibilities and roles based on everyone’s preferences and experstise.
  • The show should include at least 3 ds106 radio bumpers (they can be specific to the show or general bumpers for ds106radio) that are produced by group members.
  • The show should incorporate your characters and the theme of this class (if possible, you should try and tie in the emerging evidence.)
  • Please blog about your process and progress! I would like to see at least one substantive post per week from each member about how the show is going.
  • Each group member should do at least one promo poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. for their show during the first week — a little splash of design work. You can include this in your radio show post for the week.
  • Keep me appraised of your progress, particularly if you have problems or questions. You can Slack me, send me a Twitter message, etc.
  • Consider what a fully produced show should sound like. There needs to be an opening and a closing. You may need transitional elements. You will need to do audio production,  including editing sections together, layering in background sounds, incorporating music, etc. It should not be just a recording of a conversation or a show of just music.
  • Remember to refer to the Audio Resources page for useful info and links!
  • The format/content of your radioshow is up to you. You can do a radio drama, an interview or talk show, a soundscape, a game show, an investigative report about things that have happened in the class. These are just some ideas, feel free to be creative when coming up with your own show idea.

Assignment: Radio Show Project

Produce your show as a group (according to the above requirements) by Monday, March 19th. Make sure you blog at least once each week, and you do your design elements during Week One. You can send me the final MP3 of your audio file via Slack.

Question of the Week

If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

  • Some kind of mutant, like a zombie, vampire, or werewolf?
  • A cyborg who looks like a human but is actually operating from an artifical intelligence?
  • A being from someplace other than Earth?
  • A supernatural being, capable of feats no human could even begin to comprehend?
  • A time-traveler with the ability to potentially travel back and forth in time to change the outcome of the apocalypse?
  • Something else?

Weekly Summary

Assignment: Weekly Post

Make sure you’ve completed all the assignments above. Write up your weekly post by Monday at midnight. Remember to refer to The Guide for Writing Blog Posts for tips on how to write our weekly posts! 

Weekly Checklist

This week’s checklist:

  • Complete 4 Daily Creates, including on Tuesday, February 27 and Tuesday, March 13.
  • Choose your radio show format with your group and plan, record, and edit it. Divide tasks up fairly among the group members!
  • Each member, complete at least one design project tied into your show (a poster, bumer sticker, log, etc.)
  • Each member, blog at least once a week during the radio show project about how it is going.
  • Turn in your final MP3 to me via Slack by Monday, March 19th.
  • Finish your novel.
  • Write a weekly post at the end of the project (you only need to do one for the two weeks).