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This Week in The End. . .

Weeks Thirteen & Fourteen: The Final Story

Where will you be for The End?

Dispatches from The End. . .

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Daily Create Ideas

What are current structures/concepts/rituals/themes/traditions/aspects/cultural qualities/etc. in modern society that we should fight to maintain in a post-apocalyptic world? Create a collage that illustrates facets of our society that we should work to keep and build upon despite the circumstances of our planet and species after The End.
If everything on…

Week 12

When i learned in week 11 that daily creates were only supposed to be 5-10min to complete my mind was blown. they usually take me like 20 lol


not a problem in week 12 since we dont have any!

This week for the assignments I chose:

3 stars: Destination …

Total Comments to Date: 669

Apocalyptic Odds and Ends

The Survivors


The Countdown

Todays TDC

#tdc2292 A random word poem

Use this random word generator and write a haiku (5, 7, 5 syllables) about the first word you generate!

The Bunker

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