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This Week in The End. . .

Weeks Thirteen & Fourteen: The Final Story

Where will you be for The End?

Dispatches from The End. . .

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This is just the Beginning

My God! UMW has turned in a living Hell. The people that has contracted the virus has tuned into something unhuman like. They started eating other people, the non infected. They have over run UMW and rapidly  Fredricksbrug turning into blood bath. They are no longer human anymore, they are …

Flighting Life

The survival guide has really helped me. It has everything from how to defend your self form a attacker to what is safe to eat in the wild. But recently things have taken a turn for the worst, many people on campus have been becoming sick. Students have been fainting …

Week 12 – Fan Fiction

The week is finally here. I finally get to talk about The Man Who Ended The World

This was a great book about Donald Trum…. Wait wait wait, not that guy. Just Kidding. I really enjoyed this book a lot. With having to be on work travel so much recently, …

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Apocalyptic Odds and Ends

The Survivors


The Countdown

Todays TDC

#tdc2355 Photograph a cactus or something thats fitting for a Western landscape, and make some symmetry art out of it.

Need inspiration? Have a look through some of Viv’s tree artwork for ideas. ( Just make sure there is at least one reflective plane.

The Bunker