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Check out these resources for completing design assignments

Software and Tools

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editor but you can accomplish lots of  design tasks with it. Alternatively, you can use Adobe Illustrator, but the learning curve for that is a bit steeper.  While both products cost money, they do have free, fully-functional 30-day trials. In addition, computers throughout the HCC and Simpson Library have Photoshop installed on them. The DKC offers a photo editing tutorial that can help you learn Photoshop.

GIMP is an open-source photo editor that works on PC, Mac, and Linux compuers. It has functionality that is similar to Photoshop

Pixlr offers a free Web-based image editor that allows you to accomplish many of the basic tasks available in Photoshop. is an online tool that allows you to create and edit graphic designs. It somes with lots of free templates, photos, typography examples, and graphics/icons. The DKC offers an infographic tutorial that covers Canva.

NOTE: I highly recommend using one of these tools rather than accomplishing your design assignments using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Niether of those programs offers the range of possibilities that you really need

Sources for Graphics, Images, Palettes, Fonts

If you’re looking for photos to use in your projects, Pixabay and Unsplash both offer free, public domain photo collections that can’t be beat. You have to set up an account on both, but it’s free

The Noun Project provides a fantastic collection of free icons that you can use in your designs. The free account does require you to credit the creator of the icon you use when you publish your final project. They also offer an educational license for $19/year which gives you some additional features. 

If you’re trying to come up with great color palette for a projec, Kuler is a cool site where you can easily visualize how colors look together.  Meanwhile, the Color Palette Generator will suggest a color palette based on a photo. 

For free fonts, check out daFont. And if you’re working with fonts on Canva, their font combiner tool is a great way to figure out what fonts go together well. also has some nice font pairing information.  

Inspiration and Links