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The “Real” Ending of “California”

I decided to complete the alternative ending assignment for my novel, California, because I finished the book with a need for more. I am going to tell the original ending since most of the class did not choose this book, so there will obviously be spoilers!

The Original:

They didn’t …

World War Z Alternate Ending

Chesapeake, Virginia

[Charlee Faraday walks with me through the city she is currently living in and trying to raise back up (from the dead, so to speak). Her role is small but important, a local radio newscaster, talk show host, and DJ.]

I don’t know why you’re deciding to interview …

Alternate Ending to The Screwfly solution

Its cold. I am wet sitting in a swamp. I am the last woman in existence. Where most woman would give up and accept their fate, i refuse. I pick myself out of the swamp once again and scavenge the nearby lands for anything of use that I may have …

Alternative Ending to “Finis” By Frank L. Pollack

Alice crept closer to the man as the grey light rose upon the watery air.

“Kiss me!” she whispered suddenly, throwing her arms around his neck. He could feel her trembling. “Say you love me; hold me in your arms. There is only an hour.”

“Don’t be afraid. Try …

Finis (Alternate Ending) by Frank L. Pollack and David A. Slupek

*As the two main characters in Finis are in their shelter hiding from the intensity of the new sun (star) that just reached the Earth*

The two were stranded in the bunker with an odd sense of comfort and insecurity at the same time. They were conversing and turning over …