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The Beginning of the End

I began this week with nothing other than the Daily Create! My flash fiction about zombies being at my 8:00am class instead of students probably wasn’t as creative as I would like looking back, but it was difficult to tell an entire story in the limited characters Twitter allows. Find


Hello everyone! This week has meant a lot to me namely work (*looks at Martha and whispers “whyyy”*). That being said every reading and watching (my new phrase) was worth it as it lead into the assignment and definitely elevated my work.

OH MY GOD GUYS! We were walking on …

Apocalypse Reading Reflection

I found End Day interesting in what they qualified as an apocalypse. I always envisioned it as the end of the world, where all of mankind is destroyed. However, this film defined the “end” as events happening in specific areas, such as tsunamis in New York and the East Coast, …

My Adult Trip to the Zoo

A new beginning in my life was beginning. Technically, I have been an adult for over eight months, but I don’t do adult things. Sure, I am a college student. However, I live in the same room I did a year ago, don’t pay bills, and didn’t travel without an …