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Des6n Week

This week seemed to have fewer assignments, but the ones I thought would be the simplest ended up taking me the longest! More on that later.

I completed three Daily Creates (I did watch the video, but there were two already created that I really wanted to do, so I …

You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail

Hello everyone! Week 6 is over and that makes me sad because I really liked this weeks’ work. I really did enjoy thoughtfully creating and using the skills I learned through our design lessons.

I started this week off with a high as the mandatory Daily Create was the one …

Design in the Library

I walked around Simpson Library on campus, and was able to find alignment, hierarchy, contrast, proximity, and color on the first floor! See my entire post here, but I will add each picture individually on this post so I can talk about them!


Each aisle in the library is …

Winifred in a Cloud

This is the word cloud that I created to describe my character, Winifred Hart!

I used colors that went well together (purple, blue, and green are next to each other on the color wheel), and picked a shape that would separate the words, but clearly become one larger image. This …

Lost Hat

Information can be found on the poster! Please help find and return this hat.

I found two things difficult about this assignment: creating a background image and determining the “last seen.” For the background, I ended up using a free Canva background that looked like lined paper. I then added …