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Talking About The End

Although I so want to write about my group’s radio show, I will save that for the last part of my post. Three weeks is a long time to not say anything about my work (outside of the radio show), so this will be a very long post. I feel …

Recording the End

Recording the End

Although I spent my spring break working and doing homework, a lot of my group members actually had fun! This made it difficult to collaborate, but we still managed to get a lot done.

However, break is now over, and the real work has begun for our radio show! The …

Telling the End – Week One

The ball is starting to roll for my group’s radio show. For some reason, I expected everyone in my group to be as boring as me and stay home during break (I’m jealous of all who are traveling!), so I thought a lot more work would get done during break. …