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A Recap of Week 9 of The End

It has been a great week!

Week 9 began with with my group’s radio show, Girls’ Guide to/for/through the Apocalypse. It aired on DS106 Radio on Tuesday night. It was so much fun getting to hear our show on the air. We all worked so hard on it, and it …

Week 9: A Week in Review

Hello, my fellow survivors. This week was a bucket of fun and I really mean it this time. I was satisfied with the time I had to do everything, pleased with the results, and I’m actually doing a summary post before Monday night. Amazing!

This week had me listening to …

Highway to Video Week

Highway to Video Week

Hiya everybody! This week has been a lighter work week for the class. This means that I’ve been able to recharge my creativity batteries and mentally prepare myself for the two weeks of video work ahead.

To start off the week, I completed this Daily Create where I was tasked …