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Assignment: Character Choice and Introduction

For my character choice and introduction, I have chosen a character that currently is a young soil scientist that is currently working at a agricultural company.  In order to introduce this character, I created a Resume to given a brief background description.

Here is the resume of Jim Tomsula III…

Character Choice and Introduction

Archetype: The Natural

Example: Shaun from Shaun of the Dead

Assignment: What They Might Have Done In Social Media

Below is an example of a tweet that a Natural archetypical character like Shaun (Simon Pegg) from Shaun of the Dead would have tweeted.

My Character: Joey Buckets

Personality: Lazy, efficient, …

What They Might Have Done in Social Media

The context to this tweet was how Robert Neville became immune to the vampire like virus. He was bitten by an infected bat and some how he had built an immunity to the virus that spread on the Earth.

The context to his Facebook posts were when he lost his …

Nikita Nullin Resume

To introduce my character, I decided to write a resume. It a fairly easy, all I did was used a resume template and the some creativity to fill in the blanks. It was really fun assignment, maybe the most fun I had on the assignments. My character’s name is Nikita …


I decided to create a character with the archetype of the Neutral Character which is a character that is Unmotivated and indifferent to the situation, accepting of the negative situation with no desire to get out of it, fine with everyone eventually dying.