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A Story in Songs

The second media assignment I did for my novel was the Poetry Playlist assignment for 3 stars. I’m a sucker for all assignments involving playlists because I love music and creating playlists that evoke certain feelings or have more meaning than just a list of songs. I also love poetry …

Book of the Unnamed Midwife Playlist Poetry

For my final assignment this week, I decided to do the Playlist Poetry assignment. I really like these assignments where we make playlists with messages in them! I think they’re really fun and they make you think creatively.

I’ve never been that great at poetry, but I hope I get …

Playlist Poetry

For this assignment I created a playlist poem about how i would feel in the apocalypse. Some of the songs on here I actually love and listen to a lot so I wanted to incorporate that into this assignment!


Here is the link to listen to the playlist!