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What’s the Meme

This meme is centered around the premise of the novel. the main plot.

the government develops “Captain Trip”

a super deadly population control intended virus

they well, “trip” up

they release the virus to the public and well kill everyone.

why couldn’t they have designed a virus SLIGHTLY less violent …

What’s the Meme?

For one of our 12 stars worth of assignments, I chose the What’s the Meme? assignment for the Book of the Unnamed Midwife.

I thought this would be a fun and cute one to do, and I wasn’t disappointed! I really had to think about what I wanted my meme …

What do you meme?

For my final 2 stars, I wanted to do something that I was passionate. Something that I like to spend my time doing. And that is looking at memes. I think this whole book is very interesting, but especially that people got visions of Mother Abigail and then went to …

What’s the Meme?

In an attempt to make a meme, I was inspired by one of the main characters from The Stand, Tom Cullen. Who was vital to the story line and is always a sigh of emotional relief whenever he is involved, because he just seems to have luck on his side!…

What’s the Meme?

This is the start of the 12 star assignments that I will be completing revolving around the book The Passage by Justin Cronin. This is a two star assignment and the meme I created is a confused, young girl and the meme is basically about her mom leaving her at …