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Week Eleven – Coming Down the Home Stretch

Here I am wright my blog about week 11

Wait, Wasn’t that 3 weeks ago? What have you been doing?

Well a little thing called life has popped up and boy has it been crazy. I got put on back to back to back work travel during the weeks and …

Character/Genre Song Mashup

The movie I watched was The Quiet Earth 1985. This movie was actually good. It starts off with a guy who wakes up and notices some strange things. He goes on to realize that he is all alone and he thinks he is alone in the world. He starts a …

Movie Time!

This week, we continued our unit on video! One of the first assignments was to watch another apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic movie! Last week, I watched The Quiet Earth. This week, I watched a movie that I really, really enjoyed, The Day the Earth Stood Still (the 1951 version).

Source: Wikipedia

I was …