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Love, Felicity.

I stumbled upon the This is my Story assignment in the assignment bank and thought it was a great way to tie my character for the class into this week’s videos. If you haven’t read my blog post about my character, Felicity’s, life, I suggest you read it before watching …

An Apocalyptic Notecard Story

We’ve all seen those stories in which the person doesn’t talk, but just lifts up notecards where the story/words are written. Many of them are very sad, however, some are funny! I decided to make mine funny! It’s all about my encounter with what I thought was the world ending! …

The Marshmallow Men

I told a story using flashcards! I have seen flashcard stories, but they have always been extremely sad and personal stories. This assignment allowed for any kind of story, so I made one up. I wrote whatever came to me first, and I must have been hungry because it ended …

This Is My Story Assignment

This is a little about me. I have seen people make videos like this before and thought I should give it a quick try and I am happy I did. I love telling people about my family! Click below and you’ll learn a few things about me!