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The Second Chance

The Second Chance

It’s finished!!! Geoff and I finally finished our group Video Assignment!

We worked really hard on this, and I think we’re both happy with how it turned out considering neither of us have any experience in making and editing videos.

Despite the bumps in the road, we were able to …

Process of Getting The Second Chance


So this week Geoff and I have been working on our film, The Second Chance. Geoff had a business trip so we decided to film things separately in our own time before meeting up again to record our interviews and edit our film together.

This past weekend I went …

Trailer for “The Second Chance”

Trailer for “The Second Chance”

Here it is! The trailer I made for Geoff and I’s documentary we’ll be making this coming week. We worked on both of ours at the HCC today to make sure we were both on the same page and to check each other’s work.

Geoff’s is super awesome!!

My trailer …

Planning for “The Second Chance”

Planning for “The Second Chance”

So this week I started on Path Two of our film assignments!

Geoff had messaged me this week to see if I would like to partner with him on this assignment, and since I enjoyed working with him on our radio show, I said yes!

We were a little late …