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In the Woods

We live in an area where not many people go. There are around five houses next to ours and we live down a long, narrow, gravel road. It may sound weird, but the view is breathtaking, the view of the water and sunset everyday is something I will never get …

Hope for Rapa Nui?

Rapa Nui is the island I call home. Although today it is desolate, Grandfather tells us stories of when our island was lush and full of trees and crops to feed the thousands of inhabitants. When I drift off some days, I imagine myself running through the forest and rolling …

Zombies Are People Too

Zombies Are People Too

“So you … corralled all of these zombies into this mall?”

“I prefer to call them biters, but yes I did.”

I stand with a teenager named Kelly inside of an abandoned mall. Abandoned may not be the best word for it, since it is filled with dozens of zombies, …