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Airwave Verdict

Airwave Verdict

Hello everybody! Last night our group Alt-F4 got together to listen to DS106 Radio, namely WUMW and our own radio show.

We really enjoyed WUMW’s radio show. I really liked that it sounded like a normal UMW radio station with great jamz playing. Because they set it up like …

BlyssPluss and ChickieNobs

BlyssPluss and ChickieNobs

Hello everybody! I finally finished “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood. Over Spring Break I forced myself to finish it on the airplane rides to and from California. I really enjoy reading books on airplanes because they are liminal spaces, so it’s easy to get into the imaginative space of …

Design is Much More Complicated Than I First Thought


Paula Scher’s Ted Talk “Great Design is Serious, Not Solemn” touches on something I often have to look at: keeping my work fun and created not just for the sake of meeting a deadline. Her speaking on how popular styles (regarding anything) make the artist start to churn …

Graphic Design is My Passion

Hello everyone! To start off this week I am going to reflect on some readings and watchings I did.

The first video I watched was “Great Design Is Serious, Not Solemn” by Paula Scher. This video was amazing as Paula really dove deep into the process behind her creations. Actually, …

Sound And Silence

“In radio, you have two tools. Sound and silence.”

-Ira Glass

Hello everybody! Today I am going to reflect on some of the watchings and readings I did this week.

To begin I want to explain my experience with audio. Last year in my FSEM, I created a podcast about …