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Radio is Rad


The process of creating this project was really fun! Ideas came easily with such a creative group to work with. That being said, it took much longer than I thought it would. Audio editing certainly takes a lot of time. I’m glad we decided to do the faux listener …

Sad to See Audio Go

I loved working with audio this week – I picked up some skills with crossfading clips, looping, and adding reverb in audacity. I’ll never forget you radio-project-week, you will be missed:


So, what happened?


Daily Creates

@ds106dc I’m afraid of becoming this really huge bald guy who steals …

It’s a Wrap!

Well it was certainly a journey – thank you to all of the great group members I worked with: Katie, Jenn, and Daniel.

We spent the early week recording our audio, and the remainder of the time editing (which took a long time). Especially when we misplaced one of our …

My Lips Are Sealed

First Check-In

Well, our radio team met up and we decided on the name Alt-F4. It’s the shortcut key combo for ending a process – this is 1) an end, and 2) digitally related.

The squad also brain stormed the general idea of the way our project will go. You …