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An Adventure to Remember

**Submission for Elizabeth Finto and Taylor Malone – The three elements we used were writing, design, and photography.

**Disclaimer: Dr. Kenneth L. Davis is a real person at Mount Sinai Hospital – we used his name, but not his occupation. The picture is not actually him, and I’m sure he …

NEW from ?

We received a letter from an unspecified location. It sounds like the person was in distress.

With their last hours they helped the world and sent us a symptom list so we could better understand the virus.

God Bless their soul and may they rest in peace

this symptom list …


truly an unfortunate circumstance.

This virus is believed to have originated from deep inside the depths of the Hurley Convergence Center at UMW.

The secret to its starting is in the books that line the stairwell however…

…it is already too late

with finals week in full swing, students and …

But Do We Have A Story For You!

The End of the End is upon us! Crazy right?

For my final project, I have decided to work with my friend, Taylor Malone (one of the girls from my radio show), on a final story! I can’t wait to start the process of writing our story! We already have …