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The Personality of James

Character Word Cloud


Behind the Scenes

I used the Wordcloud generator to create this graphic for my apocalypse character, James. The themes and shapes make the graphic easy to generate while also keeping it interesting. It takes a lot of playing around to get all the words you put …

Character Choice and Introduction

This week I would like to introduce everyone to Erin! She is 45 years old but doesn’t feel a day over 30. She has two girls whom she loves to the end of the earth.

Their names are Sarah and Kim and they are 13 and 8, respectively. Erin’s workspace …

Carson Gordon: Character Resume

When trying to figure out my character I wanted someone who was tough  in the face of danger, and had a skill set that matched this toughness.  It took me awhile to try to figure out my characters skill set as I didn’t want my character to be unhelpful in …