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Complete 12 Stars

Complete 12 Stars

Motivational Poster!

That Bucket List Though

I believe Robert Neville’s bucket list would contain these:

Find another living human
Beat my depression
See his daughter and wife once again
Beat Alcoholism
Find the cure

While Robert Neville was alive he did not find another living human. He lost his family …

tell your story

This is for the Unnamed Midwife Character, this is to motivate her to keep writing in her journal to tell her story.…

Phalanx, the Cure for All Your Pandemic Worries!

Phalanx, the Cure for All Your Pandemic Worries!

I knew I wanted to go into design again, and a thought that kept resurfacing was the fake vaccine that was prevalent in World War Z. Phalanx was a vaccine for rabies, and since the zombie pandemic was initially labeled “African rabies,” it was sellable. The whole thing was a …