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Help Find Martha’s Hat

The hat is lost somewhere in the universe.

With no clues as to where to start looking, we have a lot of ground to cover…

Design Assignments

Alternative Book Cover

I created this book cover to represent that there is a day-side and night-side of the book. In the dark side of the city are the vampires who run rampant in the night in the moonlight. As for the light side of the city, shows Robert Neville …

Help Find Martha’s Hat

Above is the ad I created for Martha’s missing hat! I used Canva   for this assignment. I thought that there should be a reward for whoever found Martha’s hat, being money and food…two things that everyone loves! I used a template on Canva for a poster template and I added …

Missing Apocalypse Hat!

I created this poster regarding Martha’s missing hat using Canva! I hope the hat shows up soon! This was yet another assignment I had a blast completing. So far I am LOVING design week!