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A Beautiful Gif-t

The final assignment I did for my novel was the Apocalyptic Book Cover: Gif Edition, for 5 stars. I had an incredibly hard time with this assignment and I’m still not completely satisfied with how it looks but sometimes you don’t get the perfect result. For the cover, I …

Apocalyptic Animated Book Cover

For my final assignment this week I completed the Animated Book Cover assignment for The Stand by Stephen King, the background gif features a critical scene in the storyline, as seen in the movie.


Alternate Book Cover Pt 2

Alternate Book Cover Pt 2

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So I decided to make a gif version of the Alternate Book Cover assignment given to us. I actually found this one to be kinda hard to do since I had to find a way to make a video into a gif. I really wanted to …

The Best Assignment I’ve Ever Done

As I’ve mentioned, I read H. G Wells’ The War of the Worlds for my book. I decided to do the Animated Gif Book cover after loving doing the basic new book cover during our design unit. Here is the original, and the blog post:

So, I knew going into …