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Design Assignments

Assignment: Alternate Book Cover

The Stand by Stephen King reimagined. This time, its horizontal. The horizontal printing of this copy is meant to resemble the vast empty, openness of the post-illness apocalypse that occurs in the storyline.

Assignment: Character Generator… The Making of Joey Buckets


Pictured at the top …

Generate Cool Letters: Bellamy Reyes

I did the generate cool letters assignment, I used my character’s name, Bellamy Reyes. She is from the islands, so I gave her name tropical colors, with a pretty pattern in her name.  I used a light blue and a brighter orange to outline her name. I decided to use …

Alex Whitmore’s Logo

Alex Whitmore’s Logo

Below is Alex Whitmore’s logo. I chose to use a font that I found appealing. I though the color pink mixed with black not only looked nice but also expresses the type of character Alex truly is. She can be girly, but she can also be a tomboy. She isn’t …

The Name of Evelyn Sparrow

For one of my extra Design Assignments, I decided to do the Generate Cool Letters assignment for my character. This was a fun assignment since I was able to play around with a lot of different fonts on the website provided. It actually took me awhile to figure out which …