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Rise and Shine, Listeners!

After a long struggle with internet following the insane windstorm this past Friday, I can finally share the beginnings of our radio project.

Last Thursday was the first meeting of The Sunrise Survivors: Elaina, Jillian, Alyssa and me! We coordinated a time to meet at the HCC and immediately began …

Charity Ad

Cancer has touched everyone in some way. That is why I chose to make a charity poster advocating for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer foundation.


Help Find Martha’s Hat

The hat is lost somewhere in the universe.

With no clues as to where to start looking, we have a lot of ground to cover…

Character Design

This website blew me away with how intricate the details were on every body part

My character is an expert in computer animation and editing…


… he doesn’t get out much if you couldn’t tell…