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Rise and Shine, Listeners!

After a long struggle with internet following the insane windstorm this past Friday, I can finally share the beginnings of our radio project.

Last Thursday was the first meeting of The Sunrise Survivors: Elaina, Jillian, Alyssa and me! We coordinated a time to meet at the HCC and immediately began …

Contradiction Creation

For this design assignment, Contradiction Creation (2 1/2 stars), I wanted to take an apocalyptic and creepy Big Brother state approach. I wanted these contradictory text and image pairings to seem almost like propaganda while also showing the “truth” of the situation. I simply used stock images and PS to …

Reflection for Design Canva and Ted Talks

Well I am already very familiar with canva and have had an account for a while. I did the tutorials..

The art of alignment
Working with white space
Harnessing Hierarchy
Consistent Branding
Design for social media
Tweak These Designs
Designing with shapes

Ted Talks

For the first one i really…

Less is More: New Cover for Sea of Rust

This week we were supposed to create a new cover for the books we’re reading and I did just that. I’m really drawn to the minimalistic redos of classic books and I wanted to try to attempt that for my new cover for Sea of Rust. I’m honestly pretty proud …

Word Twister

I’ll be honest. I fought a battle with WordCloud and WordCloud won. Although it’s meant to be a highly customizable and personalized wordcloud generator, I had a difficult time figuring out how to make it anything like the one in the example. I depended on pure randomization to make it …