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Squidward, the True Design Guru

Lets quickly address that, apparently, designer jeans don’t help you design. The name of designer jeans are misleading, just like the title of my post because I barely mention Squidward at all. Moving on:

Week 6 is over, and it was all about design. Overall, a pretty cool week that …

Another Week Down? Music to my Ears

I love audio, but don’t worry, I wasn’t foolish enough to stay in my comfort zone…



So, what did I do? How did I challenge myself?



First thing was creating my flushing out my character from an archetype:


The ideal workspace of James Icarus.

For …

*Image*ination Week

*Image*ination Week

This week was the beginning of our visual unit – good news for you, there’s not a lot of reading ahead.


So, what went down?


My Daily Creates

To start, my roommate made heart-eyes at me this week:

I’m grateful for my roommate, @zimmermvn, because he …

I Laughed, I Cried…

Well, it’s week 3 – more like weak 3, am I right?

Yeeeah, I got in some of my assignments late, but at least I got all of them in. Some are pretty sexy despite my energy levels…

So, what did I slave over until 3am Tuesday morn?