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I Wool-dn’t Say This Week Was Bad

I’m glad I got to appreciate my novel of choice, Wool, this week. My favorite creation this week was making a theme song for the book, which you can see below! Fan fiction is interesting – I didn’t choose any writing activities because I felt this is the stereotypical route …

Video Week… Whew

Well I made my film debut with Cypherpunk this week – we’ll probably have to shoo the paparazzi away for awhile…



So what were the happenings?


Daily Creates

An alien who just happened to be able to soak up fire through his skin. Nice…#tdc2278 #theend106 #ds106

The Butchering of “28 Days Later”

A product of the Alt Ending video assignment:



This post-apocalyptic film is fairly grotesque and captures the violence behind survival. Few people are your friends, and even friends kill each other when one is exposed to the virus and turning. The concept of family is one of the …

Squidward, the True Design Guru

Lets quickly address that, apparently, designer jeans don’t help you design. The name of designer jeans are misleading, just like the title of my post because I barely mention Squidward at all. Moving on:

Week 6 is over, and it was all about design. Overall, a pretty cool week that …

Another Week Down? Music to my Ears

I love audio, but don’t worry, I wasn’t foolish enough to stay in my comfort zone…



So, what did I do? How did I challenge myself?



First thing was creating my flushing out my character from an archetype:


The ideal workspace of James Icarus.

For …