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Sad to See Audio Go

I loved working with audio this week – I picked up some skills with crossfading clips, looping, and adding reverb in audacity. I’ll never forget you radio-project-week, you will be missed:


So, what happened?


Daily Creates

@ds106dc I’m afraid of becoming this really huge bald guy who steals …

My Lips Are Sealed

First Check-In

Well, our radio team met up and we decided on the name Alt-F4. It’s the shortcut key combo for ending a process – this is 1) an end, and 2) digitally related.

The squad also brain stormed the general idea of the way our project will go. You …

A Reflection on Design

When you hear or say the word “design,” what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

Is it clothing design, interior design, graphic design, etc. or something completely different?

This week’s focus was on design and how to implement design in different projects!

I watched two TED talks …