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Can you tell I’m running out of creative names for blog posts?

The week is ending so you know what that means! Time for a weekly recap.

This week was honestly really amazing. I felt like the workload was just right. I absolutely LOVED that I got to go back …

The Best Assignment I’ve Ever Done

As I’ve mentioned, I read H. G Wells’ The War of the Worlds for my book. I decided to do the Animated Gif Book cover after loving doing the basic new book cover during our design unit. Here is the original, and the blog post:

So, I knew going into …

The War of the Worlds: GIF Edition

The War of the Worlds: GIF Edition

This is War of the Worlds: GIF edition, based on the 2005 movie adaptation.

Ray works as a crane operator.

He is divorced from his wife and she drops the kids off at his house.

Weird weather occurrences happen in the neighborhood and the electricity goes out.

The aliens attack …

Urgent! What’s going on?!

Guys… omg.

I just went outside and saw these bright white lights in the sky. I snagged a pic and will insert it. A few moments after I snapped the picture, the light blinded me and literally knocked me onto the ground. Ever since, I’ve been feeling awful. Sluggish and …

War of the Worlds Charades

4 Pictures. One book. Can you guess?

So I read H. G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds for my book, and loved it! I chose to do the “One Story, Four Icons” assignment and thought it was really great! It also gave me an excuse to use Canva which …