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Clock Strikes Twelve

Weekly Agenda

12 Assignment Stars


The second week of video work was relatively unproductive to me as far as digital storytelling, I was not feeling too well and had to deal with some other coursework that caught up with me. However, Haley, Rachel and I were able …

Apocalyptic Animated Book Cover

For my final assignment this week I completed the Animated Book Cover assignment for The Stand by Stephen King, the background gif features a critical scene in the storyline, as seen in the movie.


What’s the Meme?

In an attempt to make a meme, I was inspired by one of the main characters from The Stand, Tom Cullen. Who was vital to the story line and is always a sigh of emotional relief whenever he is involved, because he just seems to have luck on his side!…

Randall Flagg’s Twitter

Phake Tweets

Below are a series of tweets that intelligence agencies gathered from online searches that suggest that Randall Flagg was, in fact, the perpetrator of the recent bombings!

He was camouflaged into the Twitter scene with the surprisingly accurate Lego figure of himself, but rest assured, Randall Flagg has …

POP QUIZ: Books Away and Pencils Out

POP QUIZ on The Stand by Stephen King

What was the overarching theme of the novel?


2. What was the exact name of the Superflu that spread so ravenously

Project Flu
Purple Flurp
Project Blue


3. What is the word that Tom spells out throughout …