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What’s the Meme

This meme is centered around the premise of the novel. the main plot.

the government develops “Captain Trip”

a super deadly population control intended virus

they well, “trip” up

they release the virus to the public and well kill everyone.

why couldn’t they have designed a virus SLIGHTLY less violent …

Week 12

Week 12

When i learned in week 11 that daily creates were only supposed to be 5-10min to complete my mind was blown. they usually take me like 20 lol


not a problem in week 12 since we dont have any!

This week for the assignments I chose:

3 stars: Destination …

Destination Postcard

No place like Boulder, Colorado

Stomping grounds of the .6% of the population that arent dead!

This assignment was inspired by the land that Mother Abigail directs the band of survivors to.


Seriously Stephen King… why did they have to start by establishing democracy. Couldn’t you have come up …

Week 10

finally video week wooooo

thankfully the video project is a 2 week thing because I ran into a unexpected hiccup in the road making my trailer. Turns out I always have more to learn about software.

Anyways Im super confident in the product we are going to produce because it …