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The end of THE END

Well here it is the last post for DS106. It has been a crazy wild ride but like all good things it must come to an END.

So these past 2 weeks I have read and watched alot. I read a few fellow classmates thoughts on their view of the …

Going through the Videos

Week 1: here we have happy go lucky Martha, very enthusiastic about our class, and she is commenting on our work.

Week 2: Again Martha is happy super thrilled and she loves us and wants all of us to learn and have fun!

Week 3: No Change at all still …

What I have found so far

So after combing through some of the evidence I have a theory on whats going on. I think the REAL MARTHA WAS KIDNAPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the man from the CDC came she acted very strange and lost her hat!!

Now I think the REAL marth has her hat in captivity somewhere.…

Week 12

Well this week I felt it was pretty easy to do the assignments it was a nice little mental break from all of the impending deadlines from my other classes. I really enjoyed it because I loved the book i read so much. SO doing all those star assignments were …