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Apocalyptic AIRWAVE Week 7

So we had have been talking through slack and had our first officially group meeting today! I really enjoy my group members. We are all excited and wanting to make a great radio show. Samara is definitely our fearless leader for taking the lead on this. We would be lost …

Week 6 over

I have learned alot and that is I need to do my assignments not all on the same day. I know I have been slacking with my posts and for week 7 I am going to spread it out and make quality posts. I had a real ruff week but …

Reflection for Design Canva and Ted Talks

Well I am already very familiar with canva and have had an account for a while. I did the tutorials..

The art of alignment
Working with white space
Harnessing Hierarchy
Consistent Branding
Design for social media
Tweak These Designs
Designing with shapes

Ted Talks

For the first one i really…

Design Blitz








Book Cover

The reason i used notebook paper is because In the book the Unnamed midwife writes about her journey but asks others along the way to add their stories and i imagined it was on any paper she could find. Also i am using the the design element of contrast.…