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This Week in The End. . .

Weeks Thirteen & Fourteen: The Final Story

Where will you be for The End?

Dispatches from The End. . .

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Final Process Blog

2 hours- Brainstorm/Plan

I started off this assignment by first brainstorming. I have been wanting to incorporate Tiny Planets into an artistic piece for a long time. To make the piece more complex, I was thinking about putting the tiny planets into snow-globes or pretending to juggle them or pretending …

Chris Milk

Milk’s work felt the most modern out of all the artists researched thus far. From the second I saw his website I knew I was going to enjoy his work because he has a really cool aesthetic. Depending on his medium, I feel different ways when viewing his art. His …

Wafaa Bilal

I liked Bilal’s work because at first glance, the topics he centered his art around seem very dark, tense, and political. From videos on some of his installations, I really enjoyed his personality and how authentic he is with his work. Looking at his various live performances & installations, i …

Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez’s art to me was different than the art I usually enjoy. I felt like she had such a wide variety of ideas/ productions that I couldn’t really tell whether or not I liked her. Her auditory art made me feel whatever she intended me to feel. Whether that …

Tekashi Murata

I enjoyed Tekashi Murata’s work because it combines realism with surrealism. His pieces all looked realistic enough to be real elements but upon closer look the fine details were left out. I think that this is a very unique perspective on creating art because it gives it almost a cartoonish-vibe. …

Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay’s art is very impressive to me because of his attention to detail. Out of all of the artists we have researched so far his is my favorite. I especially like how to incorporated items such as string into some of his works. When i view his art, it …

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