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This Week in The End. . .

Weeks Thirteen & Fourteen: The Final Story

Where will you be for The End?

Dispatches from The End. . .

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I created a meme on, for my one of my week 12 assignment. I had to incorporate the book that I picked to read this semester, World War Z. The scene that I toke from the movie when the professor, now zombie comes face to face with Gerry Lane …

Following Evidence: Part 1

Following Shannon

Shannon’s discovery of beef on her front porch is definitely disturbing. On top of that, it’s so unusual. My mother has always said if something doesn’t feel right or if something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right. So essentially, trust your gut!


In regards to beef …


The 10th week was crazy, all that video making made me think I was a youtuber and that I should be getting paid because the process of creating a video toke a lot. I do not have much of a problem thinking of an idea because, the class pretty much …

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Apocalyptic Odds and Ends

The Survivors


The Countdown

Todays TDC

#tdc2295 Let’s give @NetKidHorse a name. Name this horse!

This horse has no name. This horse is not a horse. Give this horse a name. It needs a name!

The Bunker

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